We provide personal investment and fiduciary counseling, financial planning and portfolio management services on a fee-only basis to institutions, high-net-worth individuals and business owners. Our approach begins with a process of mutual inquiry intended to foster understanding and build the foundation for a working relationship centered on you and your needs. We counsel non-profit boards and other institutional investors on a wide range of financial and fiduciary matters. We create personal financial plans for individuals and families wishing to send a child to college, buy a home, retire or achieve other financial goals. Through our investment strategies, which are designed to provide diversified exposure to worldwide investing, we seek risk-adjusted returns appropriate to each client’s goals, needs and risk tolerance.

Towneley’s Investment Strategy principles

We believe that in today’s global economy, a diversified portfolio that includes both U.S.-based and international securities is essential to generating superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. To gain international exposure, we invest in mutual funds and exchange traded funds. We select these funds because we believe they offer more diversified country-specific and broad market index exposure than individual foreign stocks and bonds—and at a lower cost.

Our portfolio managers have been with us, on average, over 20 years and are veterans of many market cycles. Every member of our team is immersed in our way of doing business and our investment philosophy.

We work together to ensure that investment decisions are consistent with our strategies. You will have a dedicated portfolio manager who provides personal service specific to what you need and our entire professional staff is here to support you. That’s how the Towneley Advantage is focused all around you!

Proper asset allocation is essential to the success of your investment plan. Rather than trying to fit you into a small handful of portfolio options, we will create a globally diversified portfolio with an allocation designed to suit to your needs, goals and risk tolerance. We’ll use funds that have low correlation to one another with the goal of generating higher total portfolio returns with less risk over the long term.

As an independent fee-only advisor, we objectively screen over 25,000 mutual funds and several hundred exchange traded funds for the best investment choices. We evaluate each fund for its contribution to your portfolio in terms of style, market size, industry weightings, expense ratio, performance in up-and-down markets and geographic emphasis. We personalize our fund criteria for our clients, whether you’re an institutional investor or a private client.

Periodic rebalancing is fundamental to our investment strategy; we rebalance your portfolio every twelve to eighteen months – or more often, if changes in market values or in your goals and objectives warrant it. Our proprietary software permits us to rebalance quickly, reducing time out of the market.
Institutions and or private client, benefit from our fees. We pay all custodial costs. We don’t charge start-up fees or maintenance fees. We do not collect 12b-1 fees or sales loads from any of the funds we use. We explain our fees before you commit to our services. Our scrutiny of expense ratios and our use of institutional and advisor class mutual funds may benefit your portfolio’s performance.
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