As a member of a scientific society, professional association, foundation, corporation or other institution, you need a dependable partner—one that will help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities while meeting your investment management needs. Our FOCUSED™ service combines our rich history and professional expertise with client service centered on you and your institution’s unique needs.

Our experienced investment team designs your organization’s portfolios to meet your specific short and long-term objectives. We know every client’s goals are unique, so we begin by learning about your institution’s specific obligations and needs.

We believe mutual funds and exchange-traded funds offer cost effective global diversification for most institutional portfolios up to at least $50,000,000. Mutual funds and exchange traded funds enable us to efficiently create or rebalance diversified portfolios that reflect each institution’s unique goals, needs and risk tolerance. We also offer The Fiduciary EdgeTM, which empowers nonprofit investment stewards to confidently fulfill their fiduciary obligations.


At Towneley, we provide a full suite of investment services designed for your institution:

Our Multiple Mutual Fund Strategy, or MMFS, provides cost-effective participation in global markets and the means to efficiently rebalance portfolios as changes in your institution’s needs or market conditions necessitate.

Why do we recommend a portfolio of mutual funds over a portfolio of individual stocks and bonds? Our experience has confirmed that mutual funds offer a cost-effective strategy for generating risk-adjusted returns for most investors for the following reasons.

A portfolio of multiple mutual funds offers diversification among thousands of individual securities and many different asset classes, including exposure to:

• Value and Growth Company Stocks
• Small, Medium and LargeCompany Stocks
• Short, Intermediate and Long-TermBonds
• Taxable and Tax-exempt Income
• Global Stocks and Bonds
• Emerging and Developed Markets
• Multiple Currencies
• Commodities

Mutual fundmanagers are experts in the individual securities they buy and sell for their funds. Mutual fund investors reap the benefit of this professional investment expertise for less than they might pay otherwise.
The costs of foreign custody, research, brokerage processing and administration are prohibitively expensive for individual stock and bond investors with portfolios under$50 million. Mutual fund shareholders, however, benefit fromeconomies of scale becausemanagement fees and other costs are allocated among thousands of shareholders.
Rebalancing a mutual fundportfolio in response to cash flow needs or changes in market conditions can be easily and inexpensively accomplished compared to the time and cost involved in adjusting an individual stock and bond portfolio. Through the use of our efficient rebalancing strategy, we are able to fully rebalance a client’sportfolio within 24 hours,ensuring that the portfolio assets remain consistently invested in the market. Most individual stock and bond trades take up to 3 days to settle, during which time the funds involved are out of the market and unavailable to generate returns.


The annual cost of our Multiple Mutual Fund Strategy ranges from 0.30% to 1.00% of assets invested in the strategy. The minimum investment is $500,000. The Multiple Mutual Fund Strategy may not be suitable for all investors.

Our ETFs strategies are very well suited if you have revenues or expenses in foreign currencies.

International markets exposure can help offset domestic market risk and enhance overall portfolio performance. As a global asset allocation specialist, Towneley manages two exchange traded fund strategies, each designed to provide diversified exposure to worldwide investing. These strategies offer a low-cost, highly-liquid means of tracking country-specific and broad market indexes.

Towneley’s Global Balanced Strategy is designed for clients who would like to participate in the capital appreciation potential of the major worldwide financial markets. This strategy seeks a high total return with moderate risk over the long term. We allocate assets among U.S. and foreign stocks, bonds, and commodities, and rebalance periodically.

Our Emerging Markets Strategy focuses on investment opportunities in dynamic, developing countries and markets. The objective is to balance total return and risk over the long term. We allocate capital among cash, bonds and stocks of emerging market countries in order to provide superior risk-adjusted returns relative to appropriate benchmark indexes.

Our exchange traded fund strategies are particularly suitable for investors with revenues or expenses in foreign currencies. Tax-exempt entities enjoy the benefits of rebalancing without tax consequences.

The annual cost of our exchange traded fund strategies ranges from 0.30% to 1.00% of assets invested in each strategy. The minimum investment is $500,000. The exchange traded fund strategies may not be suitable for all investors.

The Fiduciary EDGE™

Investment committee members are fiduciaries and serve as investment stewards of their organization’s institutional funds. This role carries significant legal responsibilities and obligations and raises challenging questions. What practices are prudent? How much due diligence is enough, and how do we document our process? The Fiduciary EDGETM is specifically designed to address these questions.

As a Fiduciary EDGETM participant your organization receives:

• Investment policy statement
• Investment committee charter
• Investment committee bylaws
• Conflict of interest policy
• Reserves policy
• Spending policy
• Investment policies and guidelines that conform to applicable fiduciary standards
• Sample investment committee meeting agendas and minutes
• Forms to record your institution’s investment memory and key investment decisions
• Experienced fiduciary consultant works directly with your staff, board and committee members.
• Development of prudent policies and procedures to conform with fiduciary best practices
• Custom materials to assist you in understanding and fulfilling your fiduciary duties
• Fiduciary duties and roles
• Prudent practices for investment stewards
• Recommended spending and reserve limits
• Investment risk management
Without proper guidance, serving as an investment steward for an organization you care about can resemble a daunting landscape __________ of personal liability. Towneley’s Fiduciary EDGETM program helps investment stewards confidently carry out their fiduciary duties leaving them more time to focus __________ on fund-raising, grant-making, and other mission-related activities.


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